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Philips TL01: Replacement lamp

Philips Medical NB-UVB311, Fluorescent Bulb. Narrow Band UVB lamp

This product is only suitable ONLY for Dermaray UV, and will not work in any other unit. Using this item in any device other than Dermaray UV will damage the bulb and possibly the phototherapy wand.

Our Price: £55.00


Phillips - Replacement Lamp

Dermaray UV Skincare Treatment Pack

This pack includes a 3 month treatment program that complements your Dermaray UV-311. Or the Dermaray Skin treatment pack can also be used separately. Simply re-order when required.

Each pack contains:

  • 250ml gentle Shampoo
  • 250ml gentle Conditioner, free from harsh chemicals
  • 65g natural moisturiser for use after UV phototherapy
  • 55g high potency vitamin cream to apply to problem skin that can be used as required

Our Price: £95.00


Dermaray Skincare Treatment Pack